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Why Yomi Fabiyi’s new movie should be flagged.



Yomi Fabiyi

It is a known fact that most entertainers and celebrities love to ride on the wings of controversies to boost their fame or growing fame; there is already a saying that supports this move that no publicity is bad, apparently this is what Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi is riding on at the moment.

The controversial and outspoken actor who loves to call himself an activist has finally released his new movie “Oko Iyabo” a controversial movie that has left people talking.

You would want to ask why the release of a movie is causing anger on the internet, well, this is quite simple. The movie is a depiction of the ongoing saga between Olanrewaju Omiyinka aka Baba Ijesha, Iyabo Ojo, Princess the comedian and the reportedly assaulted 14 year old ward of Princess.

While, the case is still ongoing, the actor Yomi Fabiyi has gone ahead to make a movie to suit his own narrative and the narrative of the alleged molester.

Not only did Yomi Fabiyi use the real names of all the people involved in the matter, he went as far as painting most of the females in the story as prostitutes including Iyabo Ojo who was portrayed with an abused, confused and broken childhood.

Yomi also went ahead to put Baba Ijesha and Princess including the 14 year old girl in a love triangle, portraying Ibukun as Baba Ijesha’s lover.

Apparently, the movie shows Baba Ijesha as a victim of a scorned and angry woman while the women are the villains, a narrative that has caused not a little anger.

For many reasons, the movie is all wrong, especially as Yomi has made himself the judge and jury of a case still in court. Not to talk of his interpretation of the whole matter.

Not only is a 14 year old girl dragged in the mud with a dirty narration but Yomi is also using an unfortunate situation to finance himself.

This is where we ask what TAMPAN really and truly stands for if Yomi Is allowed to make a film of such a delicate matter.

As expected, a number of Nigerians have seen the movie, some are amused others are angry but ultimately, should Yomi be allowed to take undue advantage of an unfortunate situation as this? Especially as he calls himself an activist?


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