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Who will protect the right of the girl child in Nigeria?



Karen Akpagher

Over the years, the faith of the girl child has been left hanging in the hands of fate! A development that has left the girl child not only vulnerable but also left every parent of the girl child scared.

This is it: for every girl child offense that has been left unpunished and unaddressed, the girl child abuser is emboldened, new abusers are armed,  thereby leaving the girl susceptible and vulnerable.

It is important to note also that as much as it is correct to say that every child is vulnerable, it is also very expedient to point it out that the girl child has bore the brunt of many abuses in the past and now, hence the significance of the question.

A few weeks ago, the sad report of a grandmother selling her seven year old grand daughter as a sex instrument to older men left bile in our mouths not to talk of fear in our hearts, with unanswered questions of “what is going on?”

While still trying to make meaning of what exactly is going on, the sad report of a 12 year old boarding student who has died after living with rotten spermatozoa and a condom inside her body for unknown number of days!

Where is the justice for these girls? Has it become a norm to walk over the girl child and go unpunished?

Yes it is sad, but more sad when the ones we look up to for guidance and justice, look the other way, leaving the girl child in the hands of fate and luck!

The chances of a girl child been molested in the country is staggeringly heartbreaking and overwhelming.

For every child molester that walks, another child molester is armed!

The ongoing case of the popular Nollywood actor who allegedly defiled and sexually assaulted a minor opened our eyes to many ills that need to be addressed properly.

Guilty or innocent, the verdict remains unclear as the accused is presently out on bail, however we have been faced with the opinions of many Nigerian elders both male and female on the matter and we must say that only few have the interest of the child in their hearts!

If a molested child continues to face the fear of “who will believe me?” “How do I say it?” “Will I be judged?” “Will I be punished?” Then we have failed the girl child!

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1 Comment

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