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WCW: 3 Hollywood Actress of Nigerian Origin



Many don’t know that these Hollywood stars are of Nigerian descent. These beautiful women mentioned below are our WCW for this week.

WCW is an acronym for Women Crush Wednesday; a day used for celebrating beautiful and extraordinary women on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and so on.

Here are 3 Hollywood Actress of Nigerian Origin You Need to Know

  1. Uzo Aduba: You must have seen this beautiful woman in several Hollywood movies. Uzoamaka Nwanneka Aduba (40) was born in Boston, Massachussets, United States to Nigerian parents. The award-winning actress has featured in several Hollywood movies, among which is ‘Showing Roots’, ‘Beats’, ‘Candy Jar’, ‘Miss Virginia’ and so on.

    Uzo Aduba

  2. Sophie Okonedo: Born to a Nigerian father and Jewish mother, Sophie Okonedo (52) is one woman doing great things on the TV screen. The beautiful and charming screen diva was born in London and has done well for herself as an English actress and narrator. She starred in Hollywood movies such as ‘Hotel Rwanda’, ‘Criminal Justice’, ‘The Secret of Bees’, ‘Skin’, ‘After Earth’, and so on.

    Sophie Okenodo Hollywood Actress

    Sophie Okenodo Hollywood Actress

  3. Caroline Chikezie: Born to Nigerian parents (Igbo Origin), Caroline Chikezie (47) is another Hollywood superstar actress you need to know. Caroline was born in England but was sent to boarding school in Nigeria (aged 14) in an attempt to make her abandon her dreams to become an actress. She, however, her dreams and has starred in many Hollywood movies among which is ‘As if’, ‘Footballers’ Wives’, ‘The Governor’, and so on.

    Caroline Chikezie


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