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Unity Schools Cut-Off Marks: Favoritism for North?



The Federal Ministry of Education has released the cut-off marks for admission into the 104 Unity schools nationwide which has led to a lot of questions by the public.

The educational system just like every other systems in the country have received backlashes over the years. The recent UTME result, kidnap of schools students, to mention a few has been a course for alarm for students who still have belief in education.

Students writing exam

The recent cut-off marks into Unity schools in Nigeria has got people talking when compared with that from the northern states. The average for the five South East state is 134 marks while states in the north have cut-off marks of 20 marks and below.

According to the breakdown, Anambra has the highest cut-off of 139 marks for both males and females; Imo 38, Enugu 134; Lagos 133; Delta 131; Ogun 131; Abia 130; Edo 130; Osun 127; while the 10th ranked state with the highest cut-off mark is Oyo with 127.

The huge disparity between the cut-off marks between the south and north was as northern states got the least 10 cut-off marks for Unity schools which include Gombe 58; Nasarawa 58; Borno 45; Jigawa 44; Bauchi 35; Kebbi 9 for males & 20 for females; Sokoto 9 for males & 13 for females; Zamfara 4 for males and 2 for females; Taraba 3 for males & 11 for females and the least being Yobe which has 2 for males and 27 for females.

Why then is the huge margin for cut-off marks between the southern and northern candidates into government Unity schools?

Many argued about the case of favoritism for the north as seen in the numbers of northerners getting appointment into top positions in the country. Is it now safe to state that this apply to what we see in this recent cut-off marks put out by the Federal Ministry of Education?

Although the case of insecurity in the north, which has led to the kidnap of several school students by bandits may have influenced this. Many students would have preferred to stay under their parents rather than going to school.

Another point is that the northern elites have their children in private schools rather than public schools, leaving the less privileged and poor ones to use the Unity schools as a means to meet up with their colleagues.

Can we base our judgement on the fact that the southerners, who are more influenced by western education have trapped themselves by their love for education or being book smart?

The question I really need an answer to is that ”are the northerners really getting favor in this regard or the points raised above is a pointer to the huge disparity between the cut off mark for southerners and northerners into Unity school?”

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