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Top 5 Fuji Musicians You Need to Know



Fuji is one of the most popular music genres in this part of the world.

This genre of music that belonged to the Yoruba people of Nigeria arose from the improvisational ‘were’ music.

‘Fuji’, which was coined and popularized by late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, has seen many creatives make the music genre one of the most popular among music genres in Nigeria.

Here are 5 of the Biggest Fuji Musicians Today;

  1. Ayinde Wasiu: One of the most popular musicians in Nigeria today is King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal (KWAM 1). He is one of the progenitors of this music genre. The sonorous singer birthed ‘Talazo fuji’ which was popular in the ’90s. KWAM 1 is still in top of his game. He has performed and released several Fuji music album.

    Wasiu Ayinde as biggest fuji artiste

  2. Abass Akande Obesere: ‘Omo Rapala’ as he’s fondly called is one of the biggest names in fuji music. Abass was brought back into the limelight when his ‘Egungun Becareful‘ song became a slang among young Nigerians.


  3. Saheed Osupa: The Ibadan-born music maestro is a household name in the entertainment industry. King Saheed Osupa has released numerous music album and has performed in top events across the country.

    Saheed Osupa

  4. Wasiu Alabi: Pasuma as he’s well known is unarguably one of the biggest fuji musicians in Nigeria. You cannot just visit Lagos without coming across stickers of the ‘Napoli Like Lagos’ crooner on public transport vehicles. He’s one of the faces of the Sikiru Ayinde Barrister popularized music genre.


  5. Adewale Ayuba: Award winning singer, Adewale Ayuba is another popular face when it comes to fuji music in Nigeria. Mr Johnson as he’s commonly known as paid as dues concerning the Yoruba music genre with his own style. He’s just one name you cannot but mention when it comes to fuji music.

    Adewale Ayuba

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