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The rise and fall of Abba Kyari, the “wonder cop”.



Earlier today, Sunday August 1st, we heard the news of the suspension of deputy commissioner of police Abba Kyari by The Police Service Commission (PSC) following US court documents linking him to Ramon Abbas, self-confessed international fraudster better known as Hushpuppi.

According to a statement by the commission’s Head of Public Relations, Ikechukwu Ani on Sunday, the decision was conveyed in a letter signed by Justice Clara Bata Ogunbiyi, a retired justice of the Supreme Court.

Kyari’s suspension took effect from July 31, and would subsist pending the outcome of the investigation in respect to his indictment by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States.

Well, it was not always like this, the wonder cop as he was fondly called after his many feats of tackling criminals and having them apprehended had his days of glory. He had data when he was hailed and praised, all that went crashing following his alleged involvement with Hushpuppi.

When Evans was apprehended years ago, the glory was Kyari’s alone, he was respected and rewarded. His name became synonymous with fear! His name sent fear down the spine of criminals as he was popular for entering places otherwise fearful for other cops!

He led many battles and won most! Now we are shocked that the wonder cop had many wondrous sides that the American FBI has began to unravel in little shreds, now we are faced with the million dollar question! “Did Abba Kyari really do what he was alleged to have done?”

His press release on the accusation only fueled the mistrust of the people.

As fast Abba Kyari he rose, he fell…

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