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The magic of make up : see Mercy Aigbe’s new look in new movie.



What make up cannot do does not exist; be it beauty make over or theater make over! It is always intriguing and exciting to see how a few brush strokes can completely change the look of a person.

In the case of a beauty make over or make up as it is called, a woman can go from just pretty to stunning or from beautiful to drop dead gorgeous! What a few colours splashed correctly on the face cannot be overemphasized.

However in the case of theater make up, a person can go from beautiful to hideous or from young to old depending on the vision.

The pictures below show Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe on the set of a new movie looking completely different all thanks to her make up.

Mercy takes on the role of a very old man, her hair disappears into her skull cap while the fixer fixed her face to look completely different, especially with the thick tribal marks that completes the look.

Check out the slay Queen Mercy vs the old Man Mercy!

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