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The Ills of Job Seeking on Education in Nigeria



Nigeria is facing a thousand problem out of which is the dent on the educational system by job seeking.
Gone are the days graduates in Nigeria have good jobs waiting for them after signing out in the higher institutions. These days, many graduates are roaming the street which has caused many to find a way to survive.
Parents and guardians send their children to school to make life better for them once they are done with school. Many of these children have had life unbearable as a result of unemployment, leaving their parents to cater for them when the parents need to be catered for.
This has made many to lost hope in education and made many to be involved in social vices that have caused problems for the society.
A lot of graduates (employable/non-employable) are produced yearly in our tertiary institutions with little or no jobs available for them.

The competition for seeking jobs that are not really available for some that still believe in making it without going into cyber frauds, kidnaps, and so on has put more dents on the educational system.

Job seeking as a damage on education

Nigerians queuing for a federal job

The Ills of Job Seeking in Nigeria
Corruption has eaten deep into every system in Nigeria including recruitment of graduates for the little employment opportunities that are available.
Many of the old workers have refused to retire while there are ghost workers taking home salaries/wages that are not worked for.
Some staffs of government functionaries have found a way to get slots for their children that are still in the kindergarten/college while graduates are there roaming about the street despite spending years in the four walls of their school.
Getting a job into federal parastatals has become an issue as staffs sell slots in hundreds of thousands and millions of naira. There’s vote buying; now we have progressed into job buying.
Private sectors are also not left out as they have a way of putting out job vacancies as formalities. They have already penned down who they want for the vacant position who might have been someone that has paid in cash or kind.
Life is a competition, seeking for job in this part of the world is a tug of war. You must to have at least 15 skills to take get a job less than the minimum wage (a tactics to cut down their numerous applicants).
Many have resorted to being entrepreneur just to survive the harsh living condition, yet they’ve been frustrated by the harsh economic conditions.
How Job-Seeking Affects the Educational System
The rate at which graduates have been frustrated while trying to nail a job has become an eye opener for many.
While few have tried to become employers of labor, many have lost hope in the educational system.

This is one of the reasons cyber frauds have become rampant among youths these days.
Students in campuses will rather use their laptops and phones to chat with their clients than studying.

They’ve asked, ‘what is the essence of studying for 4-5 years then end up staying at home with their parents?’
Nigerian secondary and tertiary institutions has become grooming grounds for cyber fraudsters, ritualists, prostitutes, and others as a result of the harm caused by unemployment among other causes in the country.
It is not a joke that the educational system is seriously in trouble. The problem associated with job seeking is one of the numerous problems that have led to the decay in the system.

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