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The Alake of Egba land and his monogamy culture.



Alake and wife

Royalty supports polygamy, this is a fact in Africa and more particularly in our dear Nigeria.
Monarchs are expected to have a palace filled with princes and princesses, it is however not expected that only one queen should breed all these heirs, hence the King is at liberty to marry as many wives as he wants

In the ancient history of Egba, the Alakes of Egba land embraced every culture including the culture of monogamy a culture the present Alake of Egba land  Alake Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo III  does not seem to particularly like as he has stuck with his wife of over 49 years.

Over the years, especially since his ascension to the throne in 2005, there have been questions of why the first class monarch has not taken a second wife like most Kings of his caliber.

In his reaction to the many raised brows on his choice of marital life, the 77 year old monarch has told the story of his grandfather and father revealing that his grandfather was a great polygamist with 24 wives while his own father married three. He however made it clear that this was not for him as one wife was enough.

He made it clear also that despite the many decades of marriage he is still in love with his wife and they still share the same bed.

This clearly shows that culture and tradition are rules made by the people and can be lived as the people wish. While many Kings before him and many who are ruling around him have their harems filled with Queens and heirs, the Alake made his own rule and has stuck by it.

In this case, tradition has no hold on the king, he is indeed the king over tradition and culture.

While many Kings may not agree with the monogamy culture of the King of Egbaland, we are sure that there is one person who is absolutely pleased with the decision of the King and this is the Queen who never has to fight for love or attention.

Now that a king has done it, will more Yoruba Kings follow this route and stick to one Queen? Is it really tradition to marry many wives or just a culture of ego?

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