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Single but not searching, a close look at former Oyo Queen Ajoke.



Olori Ajoke Ola Adeyemi one of the young wives of popular and powerful Oba Lamidi Adeyemi the Alaafin of Oyo is not just young, she is also hot we must confess.

The 30 year old Queen who was Queen to the monarch for close to a decade has become a sort of social media sensation with her captivating page and posts, she even has “fashion influencer” on her bio.

Queen Ajoke, blessed with three sons is not your conventional Olori, she is a millenial Olori who is obviously enjoying her youth despite been married to a King almost thrice her age.

Recently, Queen Ajoke deleted all former posts on her page and started afresh with new posts, all we have seen since the new ‘beginning’ is how fine the former  Oyo Queen is.

These days, her page has the refreshing and colorful vibe of a fashion blogger.

Let us give it to her, she has over the years become a ‘Queen’ in many sense of the word  even as she lost the right to be called the wife of a king.

Single and unencumbered, now we can’t help but wonder : is Queen Ajoke the hottest Queen or ex queen in Nigeria?

Do you know some others? Take a look at some of her photos.

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