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Queens are beautiful, see 20 photos of Olori Sekinat the first wife of Elegushi



Even if you were not always stunningly beautiful, there is this glow and beauty that is forced upon you the moment you become royalty, well, that is not the story of Olori Sekinat Elegushi the First wife and Queen of Oba Saheed Elegushi.

For those who knew Queen Sekinat before the crown, they have said that royalty only fine tuned the beauty of the mother of four!

Olori Sekinat has been married to her husband for sixteen good years before tradition made the King marry a second wife, in all of these years, we have never seen Olori Sekinat look less than perfect as far as looking good is concerned.

She is a Queen who knows when to switch perfectly, whether its just an informal affair or a formal affair, whether she is rocking her Gucci and Valentino or she is rocking her tulle and adire, Olori Sekinat carries all with the grace of a royal.

When some even claimed they had never seen the Queen smile, we knew we had to prove them wrong by digging deep for beautiful photos of the Queen laughing, smiling or just chuckling. Whichever her photographer caught her doing, she looked beautiful all the same.

A quick trip to her make up artiste’s page gave us stunning portraits of the beautiful queen, we marvelled and selected twenty lovely photos of Olori Sekinat that will prove to you that Queens are beautiful!

Check them out.

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