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Paul Okoye’s lawyer debunks divorce rumours, says Paul has not been served.



Reports about the end of the marriage between Paul Okoye of the defunct P-square group and his wife Anita Okoye hit the internet this morning and left many people in shock.

The reports say that Anita Okoye the wife of Paul Okoye and mother of his three children is set to divorce him and there was a leaked document to the effect.

The leaked document shows that the Marriage dissolution is being filed by Anita and not the husband.

Although there are no hints to what is causing this break up, there are fingers pointing at irreconcilable differences (as usual) a reason that points at many other reasons!

In response to the flying rumours, the legal representative of Paul Okoye known as Rudeboy has said that the rumours are not worth dwelling on since neither he nor his client has received any divorce letters!

Barrister Somadima Eugene said this in an interview with E-Nigeria.

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