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Olumo Festival: A Show Of Rich Cultural Heritage & Tourism



Olumo rock is the number one site of tourist attraction in Ogun State which is also a venue for the Olumo Festival.

The gigantic rock located in Abeokuta occupies a significant historical aspect in the life of the Egba people, particularly for serving as a formidable fortress during the Yoruba inter-tribal war.

The Egba warriors used Olumo rock as a protection against their enemies as well as a vantage position to strike after observing their attackers from afar.

Olumo rock
Olumo rock

 Thus till today, whenever the annual Lisabi Day is held, a visit to this rock is a must by the Egba people led by their monarch and other high chiefs such as Oluwo, Apena among others.

Olumo Festival As Show Of Culture & Tourism

Lisabi, a farmer-turned warlord and other Egba warriors are celebrated during the weeklong Olumo festival. The visit to the rock top is in fact the climax of the weeklong celebration.

Atop the rock, the nostalgia of the war period is usually invoked with the joyful rendition of the ancient Egba national anthem, which in many ways shows the evergreen significance of the rock to the people.

This is a show of the people’s music which shows the unity among the Egba people. It is also an avenue to showcase the people’s dressing which includes sokoto (trouser), Agbada (robes), and fila abeeti aja (cap) for men while women are adorned in buba (blouse), iro (wrapper), and gele (headgear).

The traditional rulers which include the paramount ruler of the Egba people, Alake of Egbaland and other important personalities are not left out as they are seen in their best attires. Adire, a local fabric popular in Abeokuta is also worn by people at the festival.

Call it a gathering of gods, you’re not wrong as masquerades as well as Sango, Ogun, and other traditional worshippers display the rich culture of the Yoruba people during the festival. Libations are also offered as well as prayers.

Guests atop Olumo rock for Olumo Festival

Olumo festival is a grand reception for tourists who make it a point of duty to join in the climbing of rock during this event. It is an opportunity to see the gigantic fortress of the Egba warlords and other parts of the rock, for example, the caves.

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