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The expectation is that there is enough news to go round, from the nooks and corners of Ogun, however the reality is that there is never too much information, never too much news and as far as Ogun is concerned, there is not enough news coming out of here or reaching us here.

Some might disagree with this statement and even argue that Ogun does not need it’s own News hub, until they find out that only the surface has been scratched and a News hub of its own is what can make right this perceived ‘wrong’.

The decision to create OgunNewsHub was not born out of a mere “Let’s start a blog” passion, but rather born out of the will to take information from all the corners of Ogun to all the corners of Ogun as it should be.

Illustrious sons and daughters of Ogun have embraced other bubbling states where their crafts and businesses can be heard and given the online push it needs since their home state seems to be lacking in that regard.

Surprisingly, Ogun state is as huge as any other state as far as economic development is concerned.

Entertainment, Lifestyle, Sports, Politics, tourism and other sectors are thriving but how well do we hear ‘Ogun’ attached to these successes!

Ogun News Hub is the hub that brings everything from within to the surface and also take everything on the surface within.


It is expected that question of “Why” would be severally asked, and when not asked verbally, it would lift your brows in curiosity.

The truth is; living in the heart of Abeokuta for many years opened my eyes to the beauty of the city and by extension, the state.

Also, a careful and deliberate insight into other corners of the state brought me closer and introduced me to much more than I ever thought we had in the state.

Unfortunately, like I mentioned earlier, only the surface is scratched.

It is common knowledge that Ogun state indigenes are very popular for their love of fashion and parties, we want to see this in pictures, we want to hear the sound of the drums and feel the texture of some well dyed Adire!

We want to dance to some sweet local tunes and twirl from the effect of excitement, we want to light our hearts with beautiful stories from here!

Ogun News Hub is dedicated to scratching deeper. That is our mission.

Now, as much as the spirit of Ogun dwells in us and we love to party, trust me, Ogun indigenes are hardworking folks who work as much as they party!

There is no part of Ogun that does not tell the tale of hardworking men and women in their different fields. We want to meet them, we want to hear of them, we want to tell their stories.

Nothing is to trivial, nothing is too big, it is a hub and it will bubble with information on all sectors just the way you love it.


Expect to have trending news at your fingertips. That much, this hub promises without inhibitions.

What is a Hub without news?  Yeah, I thought so too.

News from across and from within will be make readily available as they drop.

While you get yourself informed with happenings, be rest assured that Lifestyle, Sport, Events, Entertainment and Health will also be covered. 

Who knows what the Hub might bring to us as time goes by…but for now, let’s get down to business and get things moving. I promise, we are in for a jolly ride! Let the scratching begin!

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Welcome to Ogun News Hub.


Adenekan Mayowa Adebayo


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