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Ogun State: Ijamido River As Historical Site To Visit



Many of the historical sites in Ogun State has myths and interesting facts among which is the Ijamido shrine/river.

The shrine was formed out of a river located in Ado/Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State. It was discovered by the second person to settle in Ota known as Odejobi who later became the first Onikosi of Osi quarters in the 14th century.

Odejobi sent his younger brother, Ajibowu, to fetch water only for him to take too long to return which made him go fetch the water himself.

On his way, he stumbled on marshy ground which made him dig the exact spot. To his surprise, water started to spring up from the spot and again he discovered many cowries and a water pot which he used to fetch enough water.

Ijamido Statue in Ota, Ogun State

Later, he consulted his oracle who instructed him to enshrine both the cowries and the water pot he dug from the marshy spot in his hut, as the pond would become a river that would be useful to himself, his family and the settlements.

Odejobi named the pond/river “Ija mi nibudo” later shortened to “Ijamido” meaning “my quarrel grounded or ends here” as a result of the intending quarrel with his brother, Ajibowu. This was after he had informed his people about the discovery.

Further consultation by Odejobi concerning the Ijamido shrine, he was instructed to propitiate the goddess of the river for free flow and everlasting stay of the river.

History also had it that once upon a time, there was a serious outbreak of smallpox epidemic on the people of Ota and when the Oracle was consulted, it was said that Ijamido water be fetched to cure all that were afflicted and it was so.

Since then, the Ijamido River became very popular and sacred as a shrine where tourists could visit in Ota, Ogun State today.

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