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Nigerians bash Iyabo Ojo for singing at mother’s grave.



Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo lost her dear mother about a year ago at the age of 69, the mother of two was greatly shaken by the loss and also had a big celebration to bid her mother farewell.

Today, one year later, the actress’s mother would have been 70, Iyabo Ojo decided to visit her mother’s grave to pay some respect and also beautify the grave with some plant ornaments.

She shared a video of herself at the grave singing “Happy birthday to you” while smiling and beaming at the camera. She did all these, blew kisses at the grave before leaving then posts it on Instagram.

While many have hailed her for remembering her mother, they have castigated her for sharing the private moment on the internet.

“Is everything for clout?” One asked while another reminded her that her WhatsApp status would have been perfect.

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