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My fight with Kemi Afolabi was not over a man – Laide Bakare



Nollywood actress Laide Bakare has said that her fight with colleague and look alike Kemi Afolabi was not over a man. It will never happen, she said.

The actress who recently fell out with Afolabi has come out to debunk the rumours that the fight is over a man, another colleague called Gida.

According to the rumors peddled by a gossip blog, the two friends are at loggerheads in a territorial dispute that centers around the actor, Gida.

There have been unending gossips that Kemi Afolabi and Gida are ìn a relationship, known to everyone while Gida is also in several other relationships.

Laide Bakare has however stated that her relationship with Gida is purely professional and they have only met a few times.

She states that she has never dated him and would never stoop so low.

According to Laide, her fight with lookalike colleague Kemi was because the latter called her out with a post on Instagram instead of calling her.

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