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Mo Abudu; the media force to reckon with.



When Mo Abudu announced last week that she has the permission to co-produce a story on the life of “Billionaire Gucci Master” Hushpuppi, there were jubilations in some quarters and reservation in some quarters!

Whichever quarter you find yourself, we cannot take away from the fact, that in this media and entertainment game, Mo Abudu moves and plays like a King!

Starting off as a media personnel, a talk show host amongst other things, Mo Abudu reeked of power and untapped potentials, it seems clearer now, that she was careful with her cards, waiting for the time to move!

The moment Ebony Life became a movie production company, it was clear that Mo was not in it to play, but in it to take over completely! With some amazing smashes at the box office, Mo Abudu has dealt her card one after another like a master of the game.

While many producers still dissected it in their minds, Mo Abudu made the move on producing a movie on the story of Hushpuppi, went as far as Hollywood for a smashing collaboration.

Yes, there are talks but give it to Mo! She is a king in this game and even Hollywood recognizes this as a fact!

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