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Meet the top three trendy Kings in Nigeria.



There are monarchs and there are trendy monarchs! Gone are the days when kings looked like the ‘story book’ definition of kings, we are in the era when young bloods are inheriting the thrones of their fathers.

In the last ten years or so, we have witnessed a shift from ordinary Kings to trendy and fashionable kings. Kings who have styles and a high sense of fashion, kings who are not afraid to rule and still slay!

We have them scattered in different parts of Nigeria ruling their kingdom. Three of these Kings however stand out and we can’t help but look at them critically even as we admire their fashion sense.

ELEGUSHI: Oba Saheed Elegushi ascended the throne of his fathers when the previous Oba who was his father died over ten years ago.

This young and highly fashionable monarch has won the hearts of entertainers with his ways. Attending and supporting their shows and more particularly, giving them a run for their money when it comes to style.

We have seen a number of these entertainers exclaiming over his photos via comments.

The King who is also an astute golfer knows when to go from being ‘Oh King’ to being a very stylish young man.

He is arguably the most trendy King in Nigeria.

Ooni of Ife : Oba Adeyeye the Ojaja II is another traditional ruler who has made tradition and culture very appealing to the average Yoruba child.

This King who ascended the throne of his fathers about four years ago is ruling on one of the most coveted thrones in the Yoruba kingdom and also ruling in style.

Ooni of Ife has not been caught in ‘jean and shirt’ since his reign began but with every wrap of white he wears, there is a deep sense of style and we can’t help but admire this King who stole our hearts five years ago.

Take it or leave it, Ojaja II is a trendy monarch who has not deviated from the ways of Oduduwa.

Oluwo of Iwo : They call him controversial, we call him fashionista. Oba Abdulrosheed Telu is another highly fashionable king. Ascending the throne over four years ago, Telu is the colorful king. His love of colors shows in his regal, exaggerated and highly trendy royal outfits. He knows the exact time to top his look with a designer glasses and kill the total look!

When you think of royalty, just think of Emperor Telu, he reeks of it!

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