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Meet five top celebrities who are from Ogun state



Lagos State is the home of Nigerian entertainers, whether from the West or the east, north or the south, it is a known and registered fact that most entertainers see Lagos as the hub of entertainment, hence it is easy to know why they all want to be here.

It is however important that although these celebs have made Lagos the home and center of excellence, they are not all from Lagos. As a matter of fact, only a handful are actually from Lagos State.

Some of Nigeria’s top celebrities are from neighboring states or even far away states.

Ogun state is not short of entertainers, the gateway state has its own fair share of successful talents, many of who are doing well in the entertainment industry.

Check out five top stars who are from the gateway state.

DEBO ADEDAYO (Mr Macaroni)

Debo Adedayo a Nigerian comedian and actor popularly known as Mr Macaroni is from Ogun State. Although born and bred in Lagos State, the actor is proudly a son of the Ogun soil.

Mr Macaroni

Ronke Odusanya (Flakky)

The mother of one and talented actor popularly known as Flakky Ididowo is another talent from Ogun state who lives and works in Lagos state, although she was born in her home state, Flakky has moved from one state to another during the course of her education and growth.

Ronke odusanyaVector

This is one of the Nigerian stars who have had people confused about their states of origin, Vector the Viper is a Lagos born rapper who actually hails from one of the towns in Ogun.

Vector the viper

OLU Jacobs

The veteran actor is proudly from Ẹgba Alake, He is an original son of the state. Olu Jacobs who has had decades in the history of Nigerian theater is one of the top Ogun state celebrities in Nigeria who have put the state in a good place on the map of Nigeria.

Olu Jacobs

TY Bello

Celebrity photographer and musician, bet you didn’t know TY Bello is another star from Ogun state, if you didn’t know, now you know! TY was born in her home state Ogun but moved to Lagos where she had her education

TY Bello


Olu JacobsEgba Alake Ogun state

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