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Mannequin for Fashion Not Immorality



Mannequin is an articulated doll used in the fashion industry by artists, tailor, window-dressers, and others to display fit clothing. Its use has, however, become a cause for alarm in this part of the world.

Recently, the Kano State government through its security agency, Hisbah, banned the use of mannequin in the state.

According to the security agency, the dummy is said to be responsible for immoral thoughts among the members of the public.

Many of the fashion designers in the northern state could now be apprehended and prosecuted if they use mannequin to display their works.

Mannequins on display in a fashion shop

     Mannequins on display in a fashion shop

Does Mannequin really matter in fashion business?

Of course, the single most popular application of mannequins involves visual merchandising displays in retail stores.

Even if these products can be displayed on standard shelves or rolling racks, opting to display them on mannequins typically yields better results.

Shoppers respond with a higher level of engagement to products displayed on mannequins, resulting in higher sales.

It is therefore an important part of the fashion business that cannot be overlooked.

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