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List Of Alake Of Egbaland Till Date



The Alake of Egbaland is the paramount ruler of the Egba, a clan in Ogun State, Nigeria. The monarch is one of the most revered traditional rulers in Southwest Nigeria.

Alake of Egbaland reigns over the 4 groups of Egba people which are Ake, Owu kingdom, Oke-Ona and Gbagura.

There have been 11 different Alake of Egbaland to date while the first Alake had two different tenures as the ruler of the Egba people.

The longest ruler to date was Alake Ladapo Ademola II who reigned for 42 years (1920-1962). The current Alake of Egbaland is Alake Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo III.

Alake of Egba, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo III

Here’s The List Of Alake Of Egbaland Till Date

  1. Alake Somoye (1st time) -Regent (He ruled from 1845-1846)
  2. Alake Sagbuwa Okunkenu- He reigned from August 28, 1854 till August 31, 1862.
  3. Alake Somoye (2nd time) -Regent (1862–1866).
  4. Alake Ademola I – He ruled from November 28, 1869 till December 30, 1877
  5. Alake Oyekan- He reigned from January 1, 1878 till December 18, 1881

6. Alake Oluwaji- He reigned from February 9, 1885, till January 27, 1889.

7. Alake Osokalu- He ruled from September 18, 1891, till June 11, 1898.

8. Alake Gbadebo I- He reigned from August 8, 1898, till May 8, 1920.

9. Alake Ladapo Ademola II- He ruled from July 10, 1920, till December 27, 1962.

10. Alake Adesina Samuel Gbadebo II- He reigned from August 12, 1963, till October 26, 1971.

11. Alake Samuel Oyebade Lipede I- He ruled from August 10, 1972, till February 3, 2005.

12. Alake Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo III- He has been ruling from August 2, 2005, till present.

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