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Legitimate polygamy : man set to marry two women on same day in Delta.



A Delta man has chosen to walk out of bachelorhood into matrimony in Grand style by choosing two brides in a move that can be described as legitimate polygamy.

In a post shared by a supposed friend of the groom, Akpove is set to marry his two lovers rather than break the heart of one only to go back and cheat on the wife.

This is what we call legitimate polygamy which must have been agreed on by all the parties involved especially the brides.

Akpove and his brides Kome and Maro will be joined together on August 15 to start living as man and wives, a thing that would be frowned upon by the church and the law but embraced by tradition.

Is this really the way forward? Is legitimate polygamy the new way out of infidelity and unending cheating in marriage?

Would you try it as a man?

Would you agree to it as a woman?

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