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Kenyan Model Linked With Killings of Nigerian Boys In Kenya



A Kenyan model, identified as Azangalala Crystabel has been linked with the gruesome killings of some Nigerians boys in Kenya.

It was reported a few weeks ago that some Nigerian boys were poisoned in a party in Kenya.

According to police reports 3 girls have been arrested but according to a recent underground investigation, a Kenyan model has been linked to the whole killing spree.

Azangalala Crystabel was said to have been invited to the party as a hooker, and masterminded with the other 3 girls after getting reliable information that the guys hosting the party are with good sum of money.

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She has been walking free since then not knowing that her atrocities would be uncovered.

Kenyan Police is currently in search for the model and has also asked locals to report to the police station if found.

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