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Iwopin Boat Regatta Of Ogun Waterways



Iwopin town in Ogun Waterside local government area is the place to be when it comes to boat regatta in this part of the world.

The Ogun waterways are always opened to festivities around the month of August as visitors and tourists come to see the best of culture and tourism on the display.

Iwopin boat

The aquatic splendour of Iwopin in the Ogun Waterside local government area, always come alive whenever the Iwopin boat regatta is being staged. Neighbouring communities such as Imakun-omi, Ode-omi, Okun-ise and Epe in Lagos state always display rich culture and tradition in form of colourful boat parades at Iwopin town.

The event which usually has in attendance traditional rulers, top government officials, tourists as well as the host community is one of a kind with the music, artworks and boat ride on display.

Masquerades are not left out of the show as they add to the rich cultural heritage of the people. Masquerades such as Jigbo rele, Okoro, Ajoji, Ololo, Awenne, and Igodo always have a parade during the event.

Asides from the parade, the major highlight of the Iwopin boat regatta is the boat racing competition which has the crowds cheering the boat riders.

If you have not experienced a boat regatta, then you make it a point of duty to visit Iwopin town in Ogun Waterside LGA to witness and have fun with your family and friends for the next event.

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