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How birthday guests had their ‘Hopes’ raised and dashed at Kiekie’s Birthday party.



Earlier in the week, top Brand influencer and TV host Bukunmi Adeaga Ilori popularly known as KieKie raised the hopes of some of the guests at her birthday party and dashed it in the same breadth after a very hilarious prank.

The very popular KieKie who is known for her top notch and humourous style reviews and more recently for playing pranks on guests at her TV show took the prank games a bit higher after playing same on her guests.

Stylish KieKie who recently celebrated her birthday had some friends and colleagues over in a classy birthday shindig, the party was going on smoothly as expected until KieKie decided “Kiekie’s Party” could not end without the signature KieKie pranks.
Getting on the stage and grabbing the Mic, the celebrant had announced to the excitement of the guests that four guests would leave the party with some mouth watering gift items.

She went ahead to announce that four different numbers had been placed strategically under the seats of four guests, who would be leaving with an iPhone 12, a PS5, an iPad and Five Hundred Thousand Naira respectively.

As expected, this had excited the guests who scurried off their seats to see if they were the lucky guest who came for the jollof rice but got lucky to leave with an iPhone 12!

Well, four guests got on the stage with the winning numbers, heart racing with expectation and joy only for the hope to be dashed by Kiekie’s next statement : “I am happy to tell you that you have been successfully pranked at Kiekie’s Party”

From excitement and expectation to disappointment, it showed on their faces but of course, it was their KieKie and they would forgive her anything even if it meant no PS5.

Trust KieKie to leave people talking, this is what she does well and she definitely did it again, at her own party.


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