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Gay rumours trail Alexx Ekubo as fiancee breaks engagement with cryptic message.



The internet received with shock earlier today that the coming wedding ceremony of actor Alexx Ekubo with fiancee Fancy Acholonu slated for November has been called off.

Fancy announced the break up earlier today, Thursday with a cryptic message, saying it is important that everyone lives their truth. This message has got the internet talking as they try to understand what could have caused the break up.

Befire long, many have dissected the “Living your truth” phrase which is mostly used by the LGBTQ community when coming out of the closet, so to say.

The gay rumours that has trailed Alexx Ekubo for years but was put to rest since his engagement has since been revived as many pointed fingers at him, and even his friends.

Recall that one of Alexx’s friends, actor IK Ogbonna was married until his wife left.

Now, Alexx Ekubo’s wife to be has left, few months to her wedding leaving Alexx to battle with the gay rumours all over again!

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