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Friendships expire, a case of Tonto Dikeh and Bobrisky.



Strangers become friends, friends become lovers, lovers return to friends and if care is not taken friends can return to being strangers.

If anyone had told us that the friendship of Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky and her former best friend, actress Tonto Dikeh would hit the rocks without repair, we would have said “no way”.

Well, it is no longer news that the former besties have now become enemies, so much that they have blocked each other on social media.

It is not clear what caused this big fight that shoved them apart, but like divorced couples, we are guessing it is due to some irreconcilable differences.

What is however surprising is the fact that the former besties have now resolved to shading each other and airing some dirty linens in public, a clear indication that friendship goals as shown on the internet is a fallacy.

Not only has Bobrisky accused his former best friend Tonto of living a fake life, he also alleged the actress owes him 5Million Naira which he loaned out to her.

In fairness to these two, the two years of their friendship came with some serious friendship goals as they did almost everything together, they had each other’s back even in comments section.

A little over a year ago, Bobrisky had sworn to be remain loyal to Tonto Dikeh forever saying the actress loved her when everyone else stayed away from her.

Sadly, it is over, the loyalty, the love and the respect. All we have left of this period are some photos from the past.

Check out the good old times of Bobrisky and Tonto Dikeh, the celebrity besties!

Bobrisky and Tonto Dikeh

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