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Four Nigerian artistes who dumped music for other things.



Entertainment is the biggest thing in Nigeria, according to reports, this industry might be taking over every other industry very soon. Little wonder every one is making hay while the sun still shines, fighting for a place in this very large and rich industry.

Surprisingly, while the music Industry is recording the arrival of more stars, some are taking their bows and leaving the industry, swearing never to return.

We have heard severally how the industry is hard, how competitive it is and how only the strong can survive the politics in the industry. Still, many are telling tales of grass to grace after just a short period in the industry.

Well, for those who took their bows, the industry was not fair to them, in their words and they would rather leave than endure or leave room for depression.

Check out four music stars who dumped music for other things.

TUNDE EDNUT : This musician turned blogger hustled for a while in the entertainment industry, with a number of tracks and collaborations under his belt. Despite his struggles and hustles in the industry, his career as a musician made no headway leaving Tunde no choice but to find another way to make ends meet. He chose blogging and today, he is one of the biggest and most recognized in Nigeria. A feat he could not achieve with music.

ELDEE THA DON : One of the hit makers in the country years ago. Eldee has however dumped music, moved out of Nigeria, made a family, become an entrepreneur and not looking back ever since. According to Eldee recently, one of the biggest regrets of his life was doing music with passion and neglecting the business aspect of it. “I’m done with music” he told his fans.

MOCHEDDAH : One of the hottest in her time! Wow! Mocheddah could actually sing and she could rap too. However, the Industry choked her, leaving her in a depressed mess. The young woman fought to get back her life together, she did, got married and became a beauty blogger. Recently, she added cosmetology to her trade. You may never see mocheddah rapping on stage anymore, but you’d definitely see her mixing creams for sale.

EVA : Talented Eva is still struggling between her love for rap and her love for beauty. Gone are the days when she brought down stages with firecracking performances. We hardly get to see Eva on stage these days, but we find her in all comment sections cheering everyone on and painting faces by the side. She is slso a very good fiction weaver.

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