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Four interesting things and places to see in Ogun state.



Ogun state is not called the gateway state for nothing, it is one of the oldest states in Nigeria with many memories embedded in different parts of the state.

The state has many ‘firsts’ that have become tourists attraction in Nigeria. Let’s check out four places and things to see when next we are in Ogun.

Second Storey Building in Nigeria

2nd storey building

Built in 1842, St James Anglican Church is the second storey building in Nigeria. The missionaries were allowed to stay here  because of its distance from the town.

This place is where Bishop Ajayi Crowther translated English Bible to Yoruba, and some of his contemporaries were buried there.

Bilikisu Sugbon Tourist Complex

Bilikisu Sugbon Tourist Complex

Believed to be the biblical Queen of Sheba, Bilikisu Sugbon hailed from Ethiopia where she is known as Queen Balqis. She sojourned from Ethopia to Oke Eri, Ijebu area of Ogun…where she later died. Through the works of Archaeologists from University of Ibadan; five tourists site have been identified and carved out from Bilikisu Sugbon complementing one another. The sites are: The Moat, The Tomb; The botanical garden; the zoological garden and the potteries and relics found from the excavated ground.

Oldest Bible in Nigeria

Oldest Bible

Reputed to be the oldest Bible in Nigeria, the copy of st James Bible was presented by queen victoria to Chief Akinrinlewo Sodeke in 1848 in his compound and was lost to fire disaster in 1868.

The Bible is presently kept at Ake palace, Abeokuta for the benefits of tourists and visitors.

Olumo Rock

Olumo rock

How do we talk about things to see in Ogun without talking about the famous Olumo Rock.

The very popular tourist attraction is a massive outcrop of granite rocks of primitive formation form which Abeokuta the capital of the state derived its name. The rock is an historical monument which served as shelter and fortress during a period of war and distress.

Olumo now serves as the biggest tourist site in ogun state.


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