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Fẹmi Otedola’s first daughter Tolani reveals she was diagnosed with a condition last year.



Tolani the first daughter of Billionaire oil merchant Femi Otedola has opened up on her reasons for staying off the social media since last year.

The talented crooner of Bamilo made this revelation in a new post shared on her page. According to the 30 year old Tolani, she was diagnosed with a medical condition last year that affected her greatly.

The singer reveals how her weight was greatly affected in the bid to cure her of what ailed her. In her words, the medications while curing her, affected her weight drastically and she became shy of appearing in public.

Showbiz is all about looks and the entertainer was concerned about her appearance, hence, she stayed away.

She however believes now that it is totally futile and useless to be concerned about frivolous things like weight when your life is on the line.

Tolani adds that she is completely cured of the unmentioned condition.


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