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Facts about Ogun State Flag, it’s people and animals



Ogun State Flag

Ogun is a legitimate state in Nigeria and it was created on the 3rd of February 1976.

Ogun state flag consists of two main background colors which are; Green and Yellow. A better description has it as Green, Yellow and Green.

At the center of the flag, it has the Nigerian Coat of Arms with a banner that has the writings “Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress” on it.

Land Area and Map

Ogun state is located in the southwestern region of Nigeria and it was created from the former western state.

Ogun state map

Ogun is ranked the 24th largest state by area in Nigeria as it has a total area size of 6,556.23 square miles. Which amounts to 16,980.55km2.

Ogun state is bordered by Lagos state to the south, Ondo state and the Republic of Benin to the west, Oyo state and Osun state to the north.

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People and Animal Life

Ogun is purely a Yoruba-speaking state while its general language is English due to the British Colonial influence.

Although there are other common languages in the state like Hausa and Igbo, Yoruba is the main language and the most common language among the people of the state.

Talking about the people of Ogun state, the Yorubas are predominant because they are the main inhabitants.

You should know that because the Yorubas are most common indigenous group in Ogun doesn’t mean there are no other ethnic groups. Some of the other ethnic groups would find are; the Igbos, Hausas, Fulanis, and few others.

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Based on the 2006 population census, Ogun has a total population of 3,751,140 people and it makes Ogun state the 16th most populous state in Nigeria.

The Egba people were the first to inhabit Ogun area because they were the refugees that fled from the disintegrating Oyo Empire and their leader was called Sodoke who gained principality in Abeokuta.

Not long after, the Egbado people began to inhabit Ogun due to the fact that the Egbado Kingdom was raided for slaves by Dahomeyans.

On the part of wildlife; some of the animals in Ogun state are; Python snakes, Tree toads, Bats, Elephants, Lions, Pigs, Bush cats, Boars, and many more. You should know that most of these wild animals are found in the zoo and forest reserve.

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