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Evil, and the ministry of Prophet TB Joshua




The life of Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua the founder of Synagogue Church of all Nations popularly known as TB Joshua was filled with questions, mysteries and unsolved puzzles.

Everything about TB Joshua was questioned; his life, his begining, his growth, his ministry, his wealth and even his family.

All through his life, tongues wagged and brows raised as the word evil was constantly used to describe the man of God.

Nothing he did escaped his detractors and critics, groups wouldn’t be associated with him not in his life and not even in his death, he was the black sheep in the work of the ministry.

His miracles were termed devious, his doctrines were questioned, his philanthropic acts raised curiosity, he was not trusted.

TB Joshua died and nothing changed, at least not in the eyes of those who called him evil, there were questions of why a man who performed so much miracles would die, there was the question of why would he fall sick.

It didn’t stop there, the fire outbreak during his candle light procession opened room for more talks! When it comes to Prophet TB Joshua, the talks don’t stop. He was the “evil” they didn’t understand hence decided to hate.

Surprisingly, more than his detractors, TB Joshua lived an exemplary life, a life dedicated to giving and lifting others, TB Joshua lived an unassuming life dedicated to his ministry.

If words could pull down, TB Joshua would fall and never rise, for words were thrown at him, in his face but not one word detarred  him from following his course and staying true to it.

During his life, even when his nation dissociated from him, Kings and Queens from other nations embraced him, his church was a Mecca of sort for all nations.

His philanthropic gesture never went unnoticed, TB Joshua was a giver. No other man of God in Nigeria can boast to have given as much as the founder of Synagogue, men and women thronged to receive not just miracle but provisions to sustain them.

The grassroot loved him!

His people loved him!

They called him evil but if this is how evil operates, then wouldn’t we want more evil in our society?

TB Joshua is gone, the world mourns him, his burial was a carnival with flags of different colours flown! If the one called Evil was this celebrated, then evil must have another definition after all.

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