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Do We Still Have Arranged Marriage?



Men and women have been made to come together in what is called ‘Arranged marriage’. I have heard and seen where a woman is brought for a man to marry by his parents or friends to marry.

Affluent families have monitored their children and have arranged their coming together in marriage so as to continue the family’s rich heritage.

Do we still have arranged marriage?

Most times, the children involved might not be interested in such arranged relationships but are forced to blend with their partner.

I have seen a case where a lady went to a prophet to pray concerning marital issues only for the prophet to arrange the lady for his son just because she’s rich and needed a man badly.

Although most of the arranged moves like this have seen the relationship hit the rock just like the case above but there are few that stands the test of time.

Things seem to have changed these days as most parents allow their children to make their choice for marriage rather than forcing someone on them. Men and women have decided who they want to spend the rest of their lives more than ever before while all the parents has to do is to give their blessings.

It is therefore surprising when I came about a lady who told her boyfriend that they won’t be able to go far in their relationship because her father has arranged someone for her to marry.

Although they’re yet to meet, she has been marked as the one for the guy. This made me to ask the question, do we still have arranged marriage in this age?

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