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60 year old RMD continues to slay effortlessly…(Photos)



When RMD told us weeks ago that at 60, his life had just begun, we thought he meant it metaphorically, but alas, the veteran actor actually meant it literally as his life since his 60th birthday shows that the talented role interpreter is now living his life.

Gradually ticking everything off his bucket list, the actor now has his ears pierced, something he said he had always wanted to do, he dresses more sharply and is also sharing more photos.

Wuth every photo the 60 year old actor shares, he leaves his younger fans wondering if they’d age gracefully and beautifully like him, he also leaves the older ones asking themselves why they couldn’t grow like him.

Richard Mofe Damijo is the perfect example of fine wine which gets better and tastier with time.

RMD was always good looking and looking but as he grows older, he looks better and these photos below are the confirmation we need.

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