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5 Types of Peoples’ Reaction to Big Brother Naija Show



The Big Brother Naija show is undoubtedly the most watched reality TV show in Nigeria as at today.
Millions of viewers of the reality TV show have made it a point of duty to follow the day-to-day action by being glued to their TV while they watch housemates show the stuffs they are made of.
While many are addicted to the show, some others have to talk about the ills of the show to the society.
Here are 5 Types of Peoples’ Reaction to the Big Brother Naija Show;
1. The Addict: These are the main followers of the show. They know all the housemates from the first season to the recent one. They always belong to a fan base in each season; if they’re not ‘Elites’ they’re ‘Mercenaries’. They never miss an action of the show and can go the extra mile for their favorite housemate. Call them night guard; you are never wrong as they follow the housemates to sleep by watching late night actions.
2. The Fighters: This set of people might not watch the show as the group above; they just find a way to be a die-hard fan of a particular housemate every season of the show. They are seen in social media platforms, routing for their favorite housemates as well as pulling others down on their behalf. If you want to hear your family history, just try and talk bad about their favorite housemate then ‘you’ll see crazy’.
3. The Party Riders: Saturday nights are for this set of people. They are simply lovers of fun and entertainment. This set of people would rather party in their homes than going to clubs during the Saturday night parties. They want to know the next artiste and disk jockey to be invited to the Big Brother house as well as the housemates that really rock the party. Big Brother Naija is just an avenue to catch up with live music and vibes.
4. The Hypocrites: This set of people will talk bad about the show but will stick to catch up with the actions. They’ll talk about housemates and say things about them that non-viewers of the show can’t grab. They’ll be like; ‘How can you expose your big breast on national TV all in the name of a show?’ This set of people enjoys the show but use moral values to cover up.
5. The Moralists: This set of people never watches the show but talk about how it is wrong to watch the show. They talk about how it affects our society, how immorality has been the order of the day and how it has shown that we are going backward as a society. This set of people will go as far as blocking the channel of their satellite TV. Big Brother Naija is just like a show of the lives of the people in Sodom and Gomorrah to them. It is a forbidden fruit.
Let us know the group you belong in the comment section. Thanks for reading this piece.

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