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5 Types of People You’ll See in ‘Owambe’ Party



Weekends are for parties which are commonly referred to as ‘Owambe’ in this part of the world. Wedding, coronation, naming, burial, graduation are some of the ceremonies that are tagged as ‘Owambe’.
Owambe ; a Yoruba word translated as ‘it is there’ connotes that there’s a happening party and you’re to be there. It is an avenue to display the rich culture of the people as well as their extravagant lifestyle.
This kind of party which is popular in the South western part of Nigeria has different kinds of people who attend the parties for one or two reasons.
Here are 5 types of people you’ll see in ‘owambe’ party
1. Those who attend to measure the class of the party: These set of people wants to know the souvenirs that will be given; the type of cake to be cut; the clothing material chosen for the event and styles on display; the currencies spent at the party, and so on. They are just there to monitor how things go for the sake of gossip or to compare and contrast with the ones they’ve earlier attended.

Those who come to measure class

2. Those who attend for hookup: Many use the party as an avenue to start a relationship. Guys want to get phone numbers of chics in the party while the ladies want to catch the big fish. Many of the guys that couldn’t hookup in clubs can be found in an ‘owambe’ party, so they attend in their best looks.
3. Those who attend to food and drinks: In fact, what is the party without food and drinks? Well, this has been the main reason for some people to attend parties. Many come to eat and drink until they’re overfed and have enough to take home. It could be dangerous for the celebrants in some cases if their desires are not met concerning foods and drinks. Owambe is a place where foods and drinks are in surplus and if it is not, then nothing is really there.

Those who come for food and drinks

4. Those who attend because they really have to show: These are the people that really matters at the event. They are invited or they are either friends or relatives of the celebrants. Their absence might lead to questions from the celebrants and their families. They just have to show at the party no matter what.
5. Those who attend to have fun: Many have been invited by friends of friends. They just want to catch fun at the party where there are opportunity to dance, eat, drink, and free themselves of stress. They are the party-goers that want to enjoy life to the fullest. Their traditional outfits are always ready for the weekend because their might be an impromptu call for parties like this.

Those who attend to have fun

Let’s have the category you belong to in the comment section. Thanks for reading this piece.

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