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5 Things To Know About Ogun River



One of the two notable rivers in Ogun State is the Ogun River. The other popular river in the state is the Yewa River.

The Ogun River is a waterway in Nigeria that discharges into the Lagos Lagoon. It is a symbolic waterway in the ‘Gateway State‘.

Here are 5 Things To Know About Ogun River

  1. According to the Yoruba religion, Yemoja (river goddess) is the divinity of the Ogun River.
  2. The river rises in Sepeteri Oyo State near Shaki  and flows through Ogun State into Lagos State.
  3. In densely populated areas the river is used for bathing, washing and drinking. It also serves as a drain for mostly organic wastes from abattoirs located along the river’s course.
  4. At one time, the river formed an important route for traders carrying goods by canoe between Abeokuta and the Lagos Colony.
  5. The catechist Charles Phillips, wrote in 1857 that the Ogun River was generally worshipped by the people who live along its banks from its rise until where it empties into the lagoon.

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