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5 Interesting Facts About Ijebu Ode



Ijebu-Ode is a town in Ogun State, South West, Nigeria. It is one of the several towns inhabited by the Ijebu people of the State and the largest of them all.

”Ijebu Ode” came to be by the combination of the names of two persons namely, ”Ajebu” and ”Olode” who were conspicuous as leaders of the original settlers and founders of the town.

The people of the town are known widely to be natural entrepreneurs.

A roundabout in Ijebu Ode

Here are 5 Interesting Facts About Ijebu Ode You Need To Know

  1. In 1891, the Ijebu tribe, dwelling between 50 and 60 miles north-east of Lagos on the Magbon river, set a blockade on the trade route from the interior into Lagos, which was a crown colony, and charged customs dues which served as their income.
  2. The blockade made the British government to persuade the town’s monarch, Awujale to open the roads but only did that after he received £500 annually as compensation for the loss of custom revenue. The change of terms and condition however led to the British-Ijebu war.
  3. Britain gathered troops from Gold Coast (Ghana), Sierra Leone, Ibadan, and Lagos (the Hausa troops nearly 150) to war against the Ijebus in the present day Ijebu-Ode and its neighboring towns.
  4. During the British-Ijebu war in 1892, the goddess of the Yemoji river was said to have taken human sacrifice in order to prevent the intruders (British) from crossing.
  5. The river was dug deeper by the Ijebus to make it impenetrable by all means for the British army. However, the British army managed to cross the sacred Yemoji river and unleashed havoc on the Ijebus. After a lot of people has lost their lives, the Awujale surrendered.

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