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5 Fashion Trends Men Drag With Women



The 21st century has witnessed more similarities in men and women’s fashion more than ever before. The stereotype for women’s fashion is diminishing as men get along with many things that make ladies fashionable and attractive.

Call it a movement for gender equality via fashion, you are not wrong. What is good for the geese is good for the gander, isn’t it?

The Nigerian culture in particular, where the stereotype for women and men fashion is common has seen a paradigm shift. Let’s get down to business and see the top 5 fashion trends that men resonates with the opposite sex.

  1. Use of Earrings: This piece of jewellery fastened in or on the ear is known to be a lady’s thing. These days, men have dragged with women for this piece of fashion accessories. More men now make use of beautiful and dangling earrings to stay on top of their fashion game. Men started with studs and have upgraded to earrings to show their ‘Steve out of Eve’. Who says your missing earring is not with your boyfriend? Lol!
  2. Hairstyle: The popular style of hair for men and women isn’t left out here. The stereotype here is that females are meant to plait their hair. These days, the plaiting of hair is not just a female thing; men also make use of attachment and weavons to become more fashionable. The number of men and women wearing artificial dreadlocks says it all.

    Man on plaited hair for fashion

    Man on plaited hair for fashion

  3. Use of Cosmetics: Ladies have made good statement in looking good and attractive by the use of cosmetics. Powder, lip gloss, eye shadows, etc are the belongings of the XX chromosomes gender. The fashion trends these days have seen men making use of lip balm, lip gloss, and other forms of cosmetics. The XY chromosomes gender can’t stop to stay on the heels of the other gender.
  4. Wearing of shorts: Well, you may argue that both male and female wear shorts from time past. The latest trends has, however, seen men wearing shorts like the female bum shorts. Young men now rock shorts on shirts to be stylish. They seem to tell the opposite sex they’ve got bums too.

    man rocking short for fashion

  5. Use of Beret: Beret is also unisex clothing. Uniform men will also argue; it is not a one gender clothing. However, in this part of the world, ladies have rocked beret than males to cover their hairstyles. Don’t get it twisted, the use of beret has also become a fashion trend for men nowadays.

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  • Fashion trends men and women

    Fashion trends men and women

  • man rocking short for fashion

  • Man on plaited hair for fashion

    Man on plaited hair for fashion

  • Fashion trends men and women
  • Man on plaited hair for fashion
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