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5 Facts About Egun People Of Ogun State You Need To Know



Out of the several tribes that emanate from Ogun State is the Egun people which are also referred to as Ogu people.

The people are majorly found in Lagos State, Ogun State as well as the neighbouring Benin Republic.

Egun people are found majorly in the Yewa and Ipokia region of Ogun State while others are found in Badagry, Lagos State.

Here are 5 Facts About Egun People You Need To Know

  1. The Egun people have varieties of dialects including Thevi, Xwela, Seto and Toli.
  2. History has it that the Ogu people are a descendant of those who migrated from Whydah, Allada and Weme which are now part of the Republic of Benin as a result of the Dahomean war that occurred during the 18th century.
  3. Since their environment is surrounded by water, majority of Ogu people are into fishing, coconut processing and salt production while some are involved in trading and farming.
  4. The people of Ogu strongly believe in their traditions despite most of them being followers of other religions, they are seen worshipping a deity called Zangbeto (a night man).
  5. The people share similarities with the Yorubas owing to the fact that during the 17-18th the Dahomey Empire was under the Oyo Empire rule, thus the strengthen relationship between both tribes.

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