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23 bridal looks and brides we can’t resist. (Photos)



We love weddings, we love brides, we love the total bridal glam, yes we love the food but we love the brides more. When it comes to brides, different things can captivate us from the little things to the more important things.

At every wedding, the bride is always the Belle of her own ball, no matter how stunning a wedding guest looks, the bride is always the center of attraction, all eyes will be on the bride, mostly.

Hence, brides go the extra mile to make themselves look extra gorgeous for their big day. There is even a saying that a bride who refuses to stun on her big day might as well forget about trying later.

From the crown of her head to the sole of her feet, the bride tries her best to look good with every little detail.

When we see brides, we automatically give them a look over, the hair, the hair piece, the veil, the bouquet, the make up and of course the dress!

Sometimes, it is one thing or the other for a bride, while for some brides, it is everything! They slay from the hair to the shoes.

Over all, brides have a way of looking extra Beautiful on their wedding day, could be the smile, could be the make up!

Let’s wow ourselves with 22 bridal beauty below.

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