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20 times Femi Adebayo slayed effortlessly in native wears.



Femi Adebayo Salami is not just one of the most creative and talented actors cum producers in Nollywood, he is also one of the best dressed, so much that the actor calls himself “Slay Papa” and his fans and colleagues already called him same.

Taking a look through some of the actor’s photos, we had no choice but to agree that he is definitely a slay papa! The actor sure knows how to put things together especially in the native department.

Mr Femi Adebayo loves to rock native attire probably after realizing how good he looks in them. The actor not only has the height to carry the wears, but also the charisma needed when looks fail you.

For ‘Jelili’ both the looks and the charisma are to his advantage and we must say he carries native wears beautifully.

We got ten of his top native looks and we also have to give kudos to whoever is behind the styling of the outfits.

In colour, in fabric, in style, Female Adebayo’s native looks are worthy of Magazine covers and spread.

Check out these ten looks and say hello to Femi Adebayo, the “Slay Papa” of Nollywood.

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